Here's What I Wish I'd Known Before My First Kundalini Yoga Class –


I’ve been teaching Kundalini yoga for a few years now. The majority of my students are new to the practice when they first come to class, and while most of them enjoy it right away, sometimes beginners look at me incredulously at the end of their first class, in a blissed-out-yet-confused sort of way as if to say, what just happened?

Kundalini yoga powerfully combines the full spectrum of yogic tools—mantra (sacred sound), asana (posture), mudra (hand position), bandha (body lock), meditation (mindful focus), and pranayama (breathing technique)—to help you experience the benefits starting with your very first class. People who come to my classes tell me that they immediately have more energy, sleep more soundly, are in a brighter mood, and have a calmer mind.

Because there are many elements to the practice, plus a lot of rituals, it can be helpful to know exactly what to expect. Here’s what I wish I’d known before going to my first Kundalini yoga class:

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