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By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

A question that is often asked is whether we can make this world a more peaceful place. Yes, it is a possibility and all it requires is a little intention, attention and commitment to manifest it. Each one of us has the potential to create an oasis of assurance and security around. When people exercise this power to be beacons of peace, then it can create waves of positivity, joy and celebration across the planet.

The start of a year is the best time to make a new beginning. We need to shake off our despondency and look at life with renewed energy, zeal and enthusiasm. We need to have the right tools to be happier and spread it to people around us. Here are four simple and easy to follow mantras that can help us:

  1. Inner peace is the key to outer peace: Only a wealthy person can share wealth with others. Similarly, we need to recognise that a wealth of deep peace is within our own being. Usually, we expect the outer world – boss, spouse or anyone else – to behave in a certain way so that we feel peace inside. However, it is the other way around: the more we are connected to the peaceful core within, the more peace will manifest around. Our vibrations are more powerful than we think them to be and can even help influence others.
  2. Success is the by-product of inner peace: Peace is neither the mere absence of conflict nor is it about being passive and inactive. It is a bubbling positivity which brings about unending enthusiasm. It forms the foundation for being effective in the world around us. When the mind is quiet the intellect becomes sharp, emotions become light, behaviour becomes endearing and our life becomes a celebration. These are the manifestations of deep peace and are key ingredients for success. It is a state serene dynamism – calm on the inside, energetic on the outside!
  3. Take charge of your peace of mind: Peace is our true nature, but we still have to make the choice to access it. We need to spend just a few minutes a day to practise some breathing exercises and be with ourselves in silence and meditation. This can bring about a beautiful depth to our personality and give us the strength to gain over situations. Only one person can make this happen in our life and that is YOU.
  4. Be cool, it’s all going to pass: To sustain inner peace, knowledge about life is very important. We may find meditation very peaceful, but when we open our eyes and mix with people, we come back to the same old pattern. A question that often arises is, ‘Should we never get upset, should we always be smiling?’ No! We do get upset, fight and argue but we can also snap out of it in an instant. We can do it like it’s all a play and see that it doesn’t stick to our minds. Every state of mind is temporary and changes with time and space. Remembering this aspect can help us relax and calm down.

May this New Year bring peace, happiness and fulfilment to everybody and may each one be a beacon of bright hope and optimism to those around them and to the world!

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DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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